Portal 2 ships earlier than expected, destroys productivity in the process


Who doesn’t love an idea of jumping through portals to solve complicated puzzels? Not to mention the possibility of beating a game while running backwards in under 10 minutes. That’s what you get with the original Portal. But today it just got more interesting — Portal 2 is now available.

Thanks to a challenge posted to Steam, which is Valve’s, the maker of Portal and Portal 2, digital distribution system, gamers had an opportunity to buy (for a heavily discounted price) and play a series of indie games in a collection called the “Potato Sack,” which was introduced on April 1. It was thought to be a joke, but it actually turned out that this collection of mini games was a key in unlocking access to Portal 2 a bit earlier than expected.

Well, it turned out that Valve was not kidding. Portal 2 is now accessible a few hours earlier than was initially thought.

So, now PC gamers around the globe are getting down with GLaDOS while missing out on productivity, but at least this time around its being used to strengthen the mind (or drive it crazy).

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  1. I would love to see the traffic numbers on Reddit for: 1. the moment Portal 2 was released – 2. The flurry of excited posts and comments. – 3. The complete wasteland immediately afterwards while everyone was off somewhere playing it.

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