Profilactic prevents an online identity crisis


Profolactic prevents an online identity crisis

People who use social media for business or for pleasure are among various social networks and for some, people like to blog on either their own blogs or by mixing it up on other blogs as well. To keep track of it all there is a place that allows you to attach certain social sites; RSS feeds and enables you to add clippings back to articles you may have written across the web.

Profilactic is a profile you can quickly create and add social sites to connect to which then allows them to pull data to create what they call a “lifestream” in this “lifestream” you will be able to see your various activities from across the web in one spot, even giving you the option to embed your lifestream elsewhere, such as your blog(s) or websites.

You are also able to add the “add clippings” plugin to your browser so you are able to quickly grab a piece of content that you wrote or anything that mentions you from anywhere online. All you have to do is click it when on the page and it will redirect you to Profolactic where there, you are able to add a brief synopsis and associated tags.

The Profilactic profile allows you to add RSS feeds from your own blog(s) that will auto-update within your lifestream and under each titled link, so people can read your word art in one place. It is very much a gallery of your content and another spot to add and connect your online activities. This is great when applying for a job or for when you need to give references to previous articles you have written. Instead of having to search everywhere, use Profilactic to be your hub.

As unique as we all are, the majority of us share the same name with someone else, therefore creating a Profilactic profile will help prevent you from being confused with someone else, therefore preventing an online identity crisis from occuring.

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