Project Loon is almost ready for mass deployment


Those of you who have been following Google’s plan to bring Internet to everyone in the world may be pleased to hear that Project Loon is almost ready for mass deployment. Although there have been numerous obstacles to overcome, Google is just about ready to launch enough of its Internet balloons to connect 2/3 of the world’s population to the Internet in the near future. 

Google’s Project Loon continues development from an audacious goal to use balloons to provide Internet service to areas traditionally un- or under-served to being a reality that provides service to 2 out of 3 Internet users. In their latest video about Project Loon, the Google team talks about how they have been working to ramp up their capabilities for a mass deployment. Some of the challenges discussed in the video include things like the manufacture and launch of the balloons. When the project first start, producing a working balloon was a long process that frequently involved hunts for leaks. Now, the company is able to produce a functional balloon in a matter of hours. Likewise, Project Loon has improved the launch schedule from one balloon per day to a dozen. You can check out the full video below on the status of Project Loon.

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