Quirky video shows a Dyson vacuum sucking up fire

Dyson Vacuum Sucks Fire

Dyson Vacuum Sucks Fire

You can mark this one down for the “do not try this at home” category for two reasons. The first is pretty obvious. You shouldn’t play with fire, particularly with a high-priced vacuum cleaner like Dyson. The second reason is that there’s no practical application for doing this other than to make a video that tech bloggers can post on their websites.

Check out this strangely compelling video as a pair take on on a journey of their Extreme Dyson Test. The video by Photonicinduction never mentions why they decided to light the ground on fire before sucking the fire out of combustible existence with their Dyson vacuum cleaner. Note the fire extinguisher on the right. Hey, safety first, right?

What do you think?

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