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Rapper T-Pain Reps Facebook – Forever


Among the list of things I believe I can speak on behalf of everyone at Techi about, it’s that we were probably never going to talk about popular rapper and pop culture curiosity T-Pain. Colour us all the most vibrant hues of wrong.

Pouring his poetic mastery of the English language into Twitter’s loving arms, T-Pain has made the world privvy to his newest tattoo: the Facebook Like button.

There’s not much to say about this, beyond a well-deserved, wide-eyed ‘wow’ of disbelief. “I think this ones pretty sweet,” claims T-Pain’s tweet, “unless facebook shuts down soon 0_o”.

It’s a good bet you’re safe for now, T-Pain. But in 10 years, when we’re all using the latest social networking craze (FriendFace, or Spacester, or, like… MyFrienDz… or probably something cooler-sounding than any of those), aren’t you gonna have egg on your face.

Yes. You are.


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