Razer’s newest product is a step away from its traditional market


With its ultra-popular premium hardware that people either think is overpriced crap or top-quality product, Razer is pretty much the Beats Electronics of the gaming world, but it’s newest product doesn’t actually have anything to do with gaming. It’s called Razer Music, but don’t worry, it’s not yet another addition to the crowded music streaming market. In fact, Razer Music isn’t geared towards music listeners at all, it’s geared towards music producers. There are still music streaming elements, but the primary focus of Razer Music is helping aspiring artists learn how to be successful and share their content.  

The ultimate resource for digital music creation and performance. The Razer Music portal works with producers and creators, providing an easy-to-use location to share content, trade secrets and tips on digital music production and performance. The site features video tutorials and long-form articles about music production and the latest technology used in the creation process. You’ll also find exclusive free sample / sample packs from some of your favorite artists. What unites the artists in the Razer Music initiative is the use of the Razer Blade laptop as their weapon of choice for music production. While the Blade was designed for gamers, Razer realized that many producers were also gamers who used their Blade systems for their music production, which prompted Razer Music. “Artists and DJs from all over the world have connected with me to discuss producing on the Razer Blade,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, and CEO. “The power and portable form factor of our systems offers artists the performance they need, whether in the studio, on the road or onstage.”

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