Reddit is finally releasing an official Android app


With how popular Reddit is, you would think the website would have its own multi-platform mobile app, but the only official app that the company has is limited to iOS. Android users, on the other hands, have been forced to use third-party apps to browse Reddit, which is fine because those apps are excellent, but it would still be nice to have something official to use. Reddit CEO Steve Huffman agrees, which is why he revealed that the company is currently developing an official Android app.

Reddit is one of the most trafficked websites on the planet, but its official presence on our mobile phones has been limited. Fortunately, the company has now admitted that a custom-built Android app is in the works. Reddit’s new CEO Steve Huffman has just revealed than an Android app is “under active development” in an update thread on the website. “I normally don’t like talking about things before they’re ready, but because many of you are asking what’s going on, and have been asking for a long time before my arrival, I’ll share what we’re up to,” explains Huffman. The CEO confirmed that the app is being built in-house, and that it’s been in development for a while: “It was already in progress when I arrived, and it’s coming along nicely.” There are a number of third-party Reddit apps available for Android, but an official app has always been a sticking point for the site. Reddit launched an official iOS app back in October 2014, after the company acquired third-party Reddit app ‘Alien Blue’.

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