RestEngine plus Summify means re-engagement for Twitter



One of the biggest complaints about Twitter over the last couple of years surrounds doubts about their actual size. They have the users – over 200 million – but are they really engaged? How many of them are actually using the service and how many created an account after Ashton Kutcher did, then abandoned it after an annoying month of hearing about what people were having for breakfast. They get plenty of that on Facebook, after all.

Today, they purchased the technology and most of the team behind RestEngine, a “social marketing automation platform” that specializes in getting users re-engaged through email. This may be the perfect complement to Summify, which takes a social feed and recaps the most popular stories within a user’s timeline. They recently put the service, which they acquired in January, to work with email summaries.

Combining the two may be the perfect way for Twitter to regain some of their lost users.

Here’s the story according to RestEngine:

“We’re very excited to announce that the RestEngine team is joining the Twitter flock! Just over two and half years ago we founded RestEngine to help social app publishers send targeted one-to-one emails based on a subscriber’s social graph. It’s been an incredible journey where we had the opportunity to work with some of the leading social app publishers. With our customers, we’ve iterated on our social marketing automation platform while defining a new set of best practices for this brand new world of outbound social marketing. We’re thrilled to now focus our email skills and marketing automation know-how on a much larger scale at Twitter.”

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