Retailer’s product listings hint at Microsoft “Surface Mini” tablet


There’s been talk for some considerable time about Microsoft launching a small-size Surface slate to complement its larger offerings and attempt to exploit a sector of the market popular with consumers looking for something a bit more portable. More recently, the chatter has become a little louder, and this week tech vendor Vostrostone may have pretty much given the game away after posting listings on Amazon for a “detachable Bluetooth keyboard” and an “ultra-thin smart cover case” designed specifically for the “Microsoft Surface Mini” tablet.

Microsoft’s smaller version of the Surface tablet has been rumored since at least last fall, but an Amazon-affiliated site seems to be offering some hard proof. Electronics retailer Vostrostone has posted photos of a Smart Cover Case that’s “specifically designed…for [the] Microsoft Surface Mini tablet.” The retailer adds: “Well built to protect your Microsoft Surface Mini tablet for the years to come.” Of course the problem is, the Microsoft Mini tablet doesn’t officially exist. Back in February, the supply chain of component and device manufacturers in Asia began chattering again about a device that ranges in size between 7.5 and 8.5 inches. Prior to that (last year), both IHS Technology and NPD DisplaySearch indicated that they saw a Microsoft tablet of that size being prepped at manufacturers. What else do we know? ZDNet believes it will come with a stylus.

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