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RIM Flaunts Flashier Browser – Apple Fans Gon’ Hate

You just hit ‘play’ on a video touting the PlayBook’s allegedly ‘faster’ and all-around more awesome browser than the iPad’s. And the proof would appear to be in the pudding – the PlayBook’s browser DOES appear to be a fair bit faster, rendering pages in a relative jiffy when put beside the iPad’s sudden plod. The video also demonstrates the iPad’s lack of Flash (again), and even shows off some fancy Java rendering.

But the big question here is: who cares? That’s a stupid question. Of course people care, but jeez, RIM… is it really wise to prod Apple fanboys like that, especially when the iPad 2 is gonna be hot on your tail come release time? I mean, I love the PlayBook and it looks like the first and only honest-to-Thor contender, but you might find yourself with a big foot to chew on if you’re not careful with that tauntage, there.

This can only end in tears.

What do you think?

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