Rockstar wants to make amends for its GTA Online launch with a “Stimulus Package”


Grand Theft Auto has been on a roller coaster the last month. They started off by releasing a game that was widely heralded and that broke records. Then, the released an online environment with flaws that would make one think the US government built it. They’re offering a little cheddar to make it up to gamers.

Rockstar Games have vowed to make good on the many problems gamers have faced trying to log in and play the online component of GTA5, GTA Online. Due to the technical issues experienced by most gamers during the first few weeks of play, Rockstar was sent scrambling to add servers to meet the overwhelming demand. To keep their rabid fan-base happy, they have announced that they are adding a stimulus package into the economy of the game for anyone that has played GTA Online, or will be playing in October.

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