Roku has achieved 10 million lifetime sales in the US


Roku is more than happy – in fact, they are darn proud with the fact that they have already managed to sell a whopping sold 10 million Roku players in total over in the U.S., what an achievement that is! This is one huge milestone that Roku is thankful of achieving, and they are more than happy to thank all of their supporters for making it happen, as they continue in their quest to deliver (hopefully) the best streaming TV experience to the U.S. market. Just to get a better bearing on what happened at the beginning, slightly more than half a dozen years ago, the first Roku player was shipped, allowing it to stream Netflix to the TV. Fast forward six years, and Roku players are more often than not synonymous with TV streaming.

Roku just hit a milestone: over 10 million of its streaming players have been sold to this point, stretching from the company’s original set-top box — which debuted in 2008 — through today. It’s a big number, and it establishes Roku as one of the leading players in the living room, at least when it comes to streaming boxes. Game consoles obviously sell many more units than that, but Roku has carved out a nice audience by pricing its products aggressively and constantly expanding the ecosystem of apps that run on those boxes. And the products themselves keep getting better. All told, Roku says it’s now amassed a list of 1,800 channels; the company says that’s 1,000 more than any other streaming player offers. And people really love streaming Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, Pandora, and other stuff. Users have streamed over 5 billion hours of content since 2008 and will hit 3 billion hours in 2014 alone. It’s a market that many companies are trying to play in, and most of them are seeing a fair amount of success. Earlier this year, Apple announced that it’s so far sold over 20 million Apple TV units; Google and Amazon have also produced top notch products in Chromecast and Fire TV respectively — though neither company has shared sales figures. (Sundar Pichai previously said Google has sold “millions” of the Chromecast.)

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