Roku is getting ready to take on the new Apple TV and Fire TV


With the new Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV getting so much attention, it’s about time that Roku show off its own next-generation digital media player. Reports of the device have been popping up for a while now, and while we still don’t have any official information, a recent filing with the FCC suggests that the device could be launching really soon. Known as the Roku 4400X, the device has been submitted to the FCC for approval, which lends weight to the rumors that the Roku 4 will be launching on October 1st. 

We’ve been hearing reports of a next-gen Roku media streaming for a while now, and the evidence is seriously starting to mount. Adding fuel to the fire is the appearance of a new Roku device on the FCC’s certification site. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) regulates communications devices, mandating that they pass through a certification process before going on sale in the USA. A new FCC filing reveals a device called the Roku 4400X, which is currently not part of Roku’s existing product line-up. It’s worth noting that the Roku 3 has a model number 4200, and the newer version of the Roku 3 has the model number 4230. Unfortunately, the FCC filing doesn’t reveal much in the way of new details, save for the fact that it will support nippy 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The support for faster Wi-Fi may help with streaming 4K video, another feature rumoured to appear on the new box. FCC filings generally come very shortly before a product is released to consumers, and the device needs to be finished before it can pass through the certification process.

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