Rumor: Force Touch will be coming to both iPhone 6S models


It seems only natural for Apple to bring its new Force Touch technology to this year’s iPhone, but rumors have claimed that the feature will be limited to the company’s phablet and won’t be coming to the standard 4.7-inch device. However, a new report out of Taiwan claims that this isn’t the case, and that both the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will come with Force Touch when they’re released later this year. 

Early last month, a rumor began floating around claiming Force Touch was indeed coming to Apple’s iPhone, but that it would be exclusive to the company’s larger handset, the iPhone 6s Plus. There’s a possibility that could still be true, though a new report out of Taiwan says Apple will actually introduce the new technology to both of its new smartphones later this year. According to Economic Daily News, supply chain sources claim that Force Touch is coming to both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, bringing the new technology to a massive audience. The technology, which is capable of determining how hard or soft a user is pressing, has already been introduced to the Apple Watch, MacBook Pro and new MacBook, so it stands to assume that the iPhone is next on Apple’s list. The original rumor claimed Apple would only introduce the technology to the larger iPhone 6s Plus to draw attention to the behemoth iPhone—and indeed, Economic Daily News said Apple was going to keep it an iPhone 6s Plus exclusive. But seeing how significant the technology could be in mobile, it seems Apple had a change of heart.

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