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Safe Eyes Makes iPad Even More Kid-Friendly

SE mobile broch

SE mobile broch

According to, Safe Eyes Mobile will provide protection for children using Apple’s latest creation, the iPad.

Safe Eyes Mobile employs award-winning filtering technology and was the first filtered web browser for Apple’s iPod Touch and iPhone. It will allow parents to limit access to inappropriate websites that their kids might come across on the iPad. Safe Eyes Mobile will automatically block 35 categories of websites on the iPad, while still offering the same pinch and tap zoom, bookmarks and built-in Google search as the Safari browser it will be replacing.

“The iPhone and iPod Touch have clearly penetrated the youth market. The iPad is expected to be equally if not more successful in the youth demographic. Industry observers are already calling it ‘the children’s toy of the year’ and saying that it will transform education as well.

Our new Safe Eyes Mobile edition equips parents and schools with the means to deliver a safe and healthy online environment for young iPad users.”
–Forrest Collier, CEO of

The feature will also sync with the home version of Safe Eyes. This will allow profiles and settings to follow a user from the PC or Mac to the iPhone and to iPad and will guarantee reliable protection from device to device.

Safe Eyes Mobile for the iPad is available in the App store for $19.99.

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