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Samsung adds message recalling and 1GB file sharing to ChatOn

There is an ancient Chinese saying that goes something like this, once a word has been spoken, even the fastest horse in the land is unable to catch up with it. Hence, there are moments in life when our mouth moves quicker than our brain, leaving us to regret our choice of words. Samsung ChatOn knows this can happen, which is why in their recently updated ChatOn messaging application for Android devices, new features were thrown into the mix, including the ability to recall messages.

ChatOn, Samsung’s very own take on a messaging app, has been updated with a feature that takes a leaf out of Snapchat’s “ephemeral” book. It now lets you recall messages you have sent to a friend in 1:1 chat rooms, even if the other party has already read them. All you have to do is tap and hold the message bubble and select ‘Recall’ to make the message disappear.  ChatOn Version 3.5 also supports large file sharing of up to 1GB at a time — though strangely for only up to five times a day. Still, this will no doubt come in useful for sharing multimedia content with your friends. The messaging app has also increased the capacity for group chats, up to 1,001 people from the previous upper limit of 200.

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