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Samsung and Oculus VR are creating a media-focused VR headset

Virtual reality company Oculus sure has been palling around with some high-profile outfits lately. First there was the company’s acquisition by Facebook, and now, according to a report by our friends over at Engadget, Oculus is schmoozing it up with Samsung to develop another virtual reality headset. The kicker is, this one will supposedly use your phone. Citing sources “close to both companies,” Engadget has posted a slew of details regarding the unannounced device. Allegedly, the device will connect to your phone via an existing port, and turn your phone’s screen into the virtual space your eyes see. 

Last week we told you about Samsung’s unannounced virtual reality headset: a peripheral that enables VR interaction for flagship phones from the world’s largest phone manufacturer. This week we’ve got far more details. First things first, Samsung’s headset is the fruit of a collaboration with Oculus VR, the Facebook-owned virtual reality startup that both literally and figuratively kickstarted the current wave of VR products. Oculus is handling the software side of the product, while Samsung handles the hardware. The deal is a swap: Oculus gives Samsung early access to its mobile software development kit and helps develop user interface software, while Samsung gives Oculus early access to its next-gen OLED screens. And yes, Oculus is still making its own, gaming-focused, PC-based virtual reality headset; that’s why it needs next-gen, high-pixel-density OLED screens from Samsung. Join us below for new details about the device itself, as well as more on the unlikely partnership between two tech giants.

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