Samsung announces first Global Developers Conference



Samsung has really been on the rise lately. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has become a formidable rival to the iPhone. The active model of the Galaxy S4 is the first cell phone of its kind. The company teamed up with Jay-Z to promote his new album. Now Samsung is taking the next step, by holding its first annual developers conference.

The conference will take place at the Francis Hotel in San Francisco between the dates of October 27th and 29th. The event will cover many different types of technology, including TVs, smartphones, cameras and any other device that Samsung produces.

This is a huge event for Samsung, because the company is following other techno-giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft by hosting its own developers’ conference. Samsung is holding this conference to differentiate themselves from other Android developers. Rather than focus on a specific operating system, Samsung looks to simply help developers who want to get their apps onto the largest number of devices possible.

Samsung is also looking to broaden its horizons. The company recently introduced a DVR startup called Boxee to help boost its smart TV campaign. A conference like this is exactly what Samsung needs to promote its new products.

Registration for the conference will open later this summer. Space is expected to fill up fast, being that many developers want in on this new event.

Nobody knows exactly what Samsung has in store for this event as it is the company’s first go at hosting a huge, multi-day conference like this. However, you can expect Samsung to pull out all the stops, as the company wants to prove that it can hang with the big boys.

What do you think of Samsung stepping up to the plate? Can the company compete with the likes of Apple? Share your thoughts. Comment below!

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