Samsung announces health-focused event for May 28th

Samsung has just announced a health-focused event that will take place on May 28th, just days before Apple is set to unveil its next-generation mobile and desktop operating systems at WWDC. We’re going to go out on a limb here and assume that Samsung really wants to take credit for kicking off the “health” craze and capture as much attention as possible as the “first” to the game, but will likely end up sorely disappointed when Apple comes along and dominates the news cycle the following week.

Health. It’s the new smartphone — or the current best excuse to buy a fancy new wearable. And apparently, Samsung isn’t done with merely the Gear Fit and a (possibly unused) S Health app. We just received an invite to SF-based event on May 28th, where the company is planning a “new conversation around health”. That’ means it’s scheduled just before Apple’s annual WWDC, where it’s expected to show off a health-centered refresh to itsproduct family. Our invite came from Samsung’s Semiconductor arm so it could be about forthcoming sensors and components, rather than, say, Fit Version 2. (The original Galaxy Gear was kicking around for less than six months before the company wheeled out a sequel, so who knows). We’ll be there and we’ll tell you more when we hear it.

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