Samsung asks New Yorkers to compare the Galaxy Tab S to the iPad Air


Samsung’s latest tablet, the Galaxy Tab S, is one impressive piece of hardware. It’s received rave reviews from the press, consumers seem to love it and it even outclasses the iPad in many respects. In order to prove that last point, Samsung took to the streets of New York with an iPad Air and a Galaxy Tab S to see which device the average consumer would choose. Being a Samsung ad, you probably won’t be surprised which tablet New Yorkers were most impressed by, but it is worth noting why people were drawn to the Galaxy Tab S. The trait that seems to stand out the most is the tablet’s size, the Tab S is extremely lightweight at just 1.02 pounds. It’s also noticeably thinner than the iPad Air.

In a new spot posted to its YouTube account on Friday, Samsung took to the streets of New York City and asked consumers to compare the Galaxy Tab S to the iPad Air, with the results predictably skewed in favor of the Samsung tablet. Hosted by a wild-haired young man named Deval, the one minute and twenty-two second commercial invites people who are out-and-about to compare the slates primarily on physical features, like thinness and weight. “It’s actually really light,” says one man, and “this one’s thinner,” says another, referring to the Galaxy Tab S. Displays are also briefly mentioned, with the Samsung spokesman saying the Galaxy Tab S boasts “almost 1 million more pixels” than the iPad. Comments range from “the resolution’s awesome” to “Samsung makes the best screens in the world,” said by one woman in a matter-of-fact manner. Interestingly, one couple that appear to be carrying iPhones and verify that they “love tablets, all day” are shown in the ad’s opening, but do not appear again.


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