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Samsung has already managed to sell over 11 million Galaxy S5s

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5 handset is selling at a brisk pace, according to JK Shin, the company’s co-CEO and head of mobile. Since hitting stores early last month, sales of the latest model of the Korean tech giant’s flagship phone have crossed the 11 million mark, Shin told the WSJ this week. This means it’s selling faster than its predecessor, the S4, which sold about 10 million units in the same time period. “It’s been a month since we began selling the S5, and out of the gate, sales are much stronger than the Galaxy S4,” Shin told the Wall Street Journal.

In an interview with The Wall Street JournalSamsung’s co-chief executive and head of the mobile business J.K. Shin confirmed what some reports already revealed – that the Galaxy S5 has been selling very well in the first month – and provided a sales number for the phone’s first month. Shin said that Samsung managed to sell 11 million Galaxy S5 units in the first month, beating the Galaxy S4 first month sales by 1 million units. “It’s been a month since we began selling the S5, and out of the gate, sales are much stronger than the Galaxy S4,” Shin said, adding that sales are particularly good in developed markets including the U.S., Australia and Germany. Shin explained that the better Galaxy S5 performance is due to “better preparations than in previous years,” including a wider roll out, major carrier agreements and expanded presence in stores such as Best Buy.

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