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Samsung has unveiled a flip phone geared towards “older generations”

Samsung unveiled another flip phone, but this one isn’t Android-powered. Despite being a feature phone the Samsung Master borrows some of the trademark features of the company’s flagships. This includes faux leather look, a pedometer and emergency mode. The Master has 3G connectivity on SKT and KT for all the browsing you can do on its 3″ QVGA screen. There will be a 2G-only version available on LGU+ and SKT. The flip phone also has a 3MP camera, FM radio and a 1,000mAh battery.

Despite the growing market for smartphones, there are still consumers out there that prefers the older style flip phones, and Samsung is still looking to provide them with options. Samsung recently announced via its Flickr account that it was launching a new Samsung Master series of flip phones for “Respected Old Generations” in South Korea. The Master series features 3-inch displays and support for 2G and 3G networks. As for features, Samsung is keeping it simple with a pedometer and an FM radio. The new Master series will be available in Metallic Silver, Mont Blanc Black and Wine Red and will feature the faux stitched leather look around the key pad and the outer shell. If you’re looking to pick one of these up – we all know someone who still uses a flip phone, admit it – the Master line will retail for ₩240,000, which works out to approximately $234 USD. No word as of yet if these will be available anywhere other than South Korean, but we highly doubt we’ll see them appearing in the U.S.

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