Samsung: Helping Overprotective Parents Become Even more Obsessive

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This is how it works. The parent tells the kid “you must be home every day by 9pm.” The kid then says “Yes, mom.” The kid will proceed to come home at the designated time. Then he will do what all kids do. Wait until the coast is clear and sneak the hell out of there. Kids need freedom and parents don’t want to give it away.

It seems Samsung is siding with the parents. They’re giving them access to a system (By GTX Corp) that scares me. In layman terms, your parents will be able to track every move you make via GPS. If you take your cellphone with you, they know where you are. Kind of like Foursquare on steroids. You go to the library, your parents know, you go to the bathroom they know, you go to the liquor store, get your ID taken away because it’s fake then go back with a homeless guy who buys it for you, they know.

I’m looking at it from the parent angle but Samsung is advertising the system as a way to keep tabs on your friends and coworkers who have the same system. Like the marauders map from Harry Potter. Yeah, I referenced Harry Potter, deal with it.

The service costs $2.99 a month and comes in App form for iPhones, Android handsets and Blackberries but will be included free with most new Samsung smartphones.

Oh and that image up there? That’s from their website… It really is THAT ugly.

What do you think?

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