Samsung is actually taking a page out of BlackBerry’s book


BlackBerry is a company that should be taking some pages out of Samsung’s book, but it looks like the reverse will be happening with the Galaxy Note 6, which is expected to launch sometime in August. SamMobile reported on Tuesday that Samsung is planning to adopt a BlackBerry-like software hub for the upcoming phablet in order to appeal to enterprise customers, which is one of the few things that BlackBerry continues to excel in. Known as Samsung Focus, this hub will reportedly come pre-installed on the Galaxy Note 6 when it launches.

BlackBerry is not quite dead yet. And while it’s not able to put up a real fight against Apple and the other Android smartphone makers, the company’s software seems to be inspiring Samsung. A new report says that the BlackBerry Hub software suite is going to be replicated on an upcoming Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy Note 6 that’s due this summer. Similar to the BlackBerry Hub, which incorporates email, social networking, and instant messaging, is Samsung Focus that will be preinstalled on Galaxy Note 6. According to SamMobile, Samsung Focus includes email, calendar, contacts and memos. The main feature of Focus seems to be email aggregation, which lets the user view and respond to emails from various accounts. The feature seems to mimic Google’s Inbox app. The Focus app has a clean and modern interface, the site notes, with the overall UI abiding by Google’s Material Design guides. The main screen of the app will show a list of the most important things happening in your life today, and in the following days. A history of previous days might also be present. In addition to calendar entries, the main screen will show emails, memos, and reminders.

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