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Samsung is working on a rugged version of the Galaxy Note 5

Those of you with more physically active lifestyles probably know how difficult it can be to keep your smartphone safe at times, something that Samsung has been capitalizing on for years with its own rugged smartphones. The latest such device will apparently be a souped up version of the Galaxy Note 5 that will be able to take a serious beating, including being submerged in water, thanks to its rugged design. Apparently the company will be releasing the new smartphone, known as the Galaxy Note 5 Active, sometime in November. 

According to an unnamed source of PhoneArena, Samsung and AT&T are working together to launch a Galaxy Note 5 Active onto the network this November. We know, it sounds ridiculous. As most of you likely know, the Active moniker deployed by Samsung defines a device’s rugged and tough design, capable of taking drops and even going for a swim thanks to water resistance. Until today’s rumor surfaced, it was thought the Active lineup would stick to the Galaxy S series of phones, as no Note device has ever been turned into an Active before. However, if the rumor turns true, we are looking at a Note 5 that is substantially thicker — thanks to a reported 4,100mAh battery — and taller due the shock absorbent casing around the phone. Now, before you brush this off as fan fiction, declaring to yourself that Samsung would not attempt to create this phone because there is no need for it, take a look at the Galaxy S6 Edge+. Was there a need for that phone to be created? Be honest with yourself. The answer is “no way.” Taking that into account, this is Samsung we are talking about, and if there is an avenue to increase sales of a device, you bet Samsung will strike at it. All other internals will likely be the same, just as they are on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Active. We will get the same display, processor, and camera.

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