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Samsung is working on a VR headset for its mobile devices

Got pockets big enough for a Samsung phablet? You might want to stitch an extension into them: Samsung is said to be working on its own virtual reality headset to be paired up with its mobile devices, according to Engadget. Whereas the Oculus Rift focuses on PC gaming, and Sony’s Project Morpheus will do the same for the PS4, Samsung’s headset will rely on Android-powered games. When it becomes available to consumers it will require next-generation Samsung Galaxy smartphones or tablets to work with.

Samsung is known for its ubiquitous Galaxy smartphones and tablets, popular smart televisions and, most recently, smartwatches. The Korean consumer electronics giant is about to enter another major new category: virtual reality headsets. We’re told by sources close to Samsung that a virtual reality headset is not only in the works at the company’s mobile division, but it’s set to be announced this year. The urgency is said to be a measure of beating Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus to market. Some developers already have early versions of the headset, which — at least in the development stages — is powered by flagship Galaxy devices (think: Note 3, Galaxy S5). The consumer model, however, is said to require the power of next-gen, unannounced Galaxy phones and tablets.

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