Samsung opens its own electronics museum in Suwon, Korea

Well, well. Samsung has gone from being a smartphone manufacturer to having a museum all of its own, as it seeks to show off how it has built on technology through the ages to develop its products. The company opened the five-story 10,950 square-meter Samsung Innovation Museum in Suwon, Korea, which is divided into three exhibition halls to showcase the past, present and future of the electronics industry. 

Before arriving at the Samsung Innovation Museum, I had an idea of what to expect: the Korean company shoehorning itself into every technological milestone, whether it deserved to or not. Fortunately, the five-storey complex in Suwon’s Digital City (that’s a nerve center of Samsung Electronics) starts with the advent of electricity and goes from there and any notion that this is a Samsung… thing is when the company starts building electronics itself — oh and a big helping of those see-thru touchscreen displays boxes… yeah, they were a hint. The museum opens to the public today, but we took an (admittedly on-the-rails) tour with other foreign media last week. Is it worth a trip to Korea? Maybe not, but if you’re a tech obsessive already visiting Seoul, it could be worth the trip out to Samsung’s Digital City. Be warned: it was mildly educational.

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