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Samsung says it’s “delighted” that Apple is releasing a smartwatch

How does Samsung feel about the Apple Watch? According to one of the company’s top executives, Samsung is “delighted” that Apple has entered the smartwatch market. However, it wasn’t phrased quite like that. The actually phrasing had a message closer to “We’re glad Apple followed us into a market that we entered first.” 

Cupertino, California-based tech giant Apple is on the cusp of taking the smartwatch market by storm Friday with the debut of its much-hyped Apple Watch. But rather than feeling sorry for itself, a top Samsung executive has told CNBC that the South Korean tech giant is “delighted” that a major rival has joined a market into which it has already made inroads. “Great competitors offer great things to consumers and the fact that there are so many great competitors in this space mean that there is absolutely a market. I mean, that’s what it tells you,” Rory O’Neill, the vice-president for mobile Europe at Samsung, which launches its S6 smartphone Friday, told CNBC. “It’s with great delight that Apple has followed us into that market.”

  1. LOL. I’ve been reading many articles about Apple were working in a wearable device 3 – 4 years ago. The wearable device was rumored to be a smart watch. Therefore, Apple had about 100 employees hard at work on a smart watch. Notice, that this was about 3 years ago. Then with all these rumors going around with a smart watch that Apple is developing. That force many major tech companies to come up with one, from Microsoft, Sony, LG, Samsung and so on. Then Samsung came out with the Galaxy Gear in 2014 to be the first to market the device. It was somewhat of a flop selling hundreds of thousands in a couple of months. In my opinion, it was a rushed product by Samsung in an attempt to beat Apple to market the device first.

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