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Samsung’s Galaxy Avant for T-Mobile could come with an unlocking app

About a week ago, we caught wind that Samsung was working on a handset called the Galaxy Avant that would be making its way onto T-Mobile. Recently the folks at TmoNews have managed to obtain what appears to be leaked photos of the handset which more or less confirms what we have seen so far. However they have also uncovered additional details about the handset which could clue us in to what T-Mobile has planned for their Uncarrier 5.0 event that will be kicking off on the 18th of June. According to their findings, the Galaxy Avant came preinstalled with a piece of software that allowed the user to unlock their device. However it was also discovered that upon using the app and rebooting the phone, the app disappeared.

Recently, evleaks got hold of an official pre-release press image of an upcoming Samsung device for T-Mobile: Galaxy Avant. Today, we’ve also been given some images of a test unit and a piece of information regarding a very interesting piece of software preloaded on the device. This particular device has model number “sm-g386t”, has 16GB storage and comes loaded with Android 4.4.2. Like the press image showed, it has a central camera on the rear shell, while the shell itself has an unusual pebbled texture. On the front, is a very Galaxy-esque design, complete with physical home button and capacitive menu and back keys. As for the interesting piece of software: Two test drivers of the device noted that the phone had a pre-installed app for carrier unlocking the device. Upon booting up the app and going through a couple of prompts, the device was completely unlocked. Our source noted that he tried a VZW SIM card, which worked fine. Interestingly, once the phone was unlocked and the phone restarted, the device unlocking app was no longer there.

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