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Samsung’s Galaxy Mega 2 could be launching as the Galaxy W

Last month a Samsung device carrying model number SM-T2558 popped up online. The form factor caused some confusion as it appeared to be a 7-inch tablet that actually looked like a phone. The company has launched phablets with 6-inch plus displays in the past, look no further than the Galaxy Mega, but this seems to be a whole new territory. It is possible that this might be the rumored Galaxy Mega 2 that’s probably a SK-Telecom exclusive in South Korea called the Galaxy W.

A Samsung SM-T2558 cropped up last month as a 7-inch tablet that looked like a phone, leaving us wondering what Samsung was up to with the odd form factor. Well, it looks like the device could be the 7-inch variant of the Galaxy Mega 2 and could be launched as the Galaxy W in South Korea soon, according to a leaked brochure that was emailed to us. According to the brochure, the Galaxy W sports a 7-inch screen and comes with a “Phoneblet UX”, which includes a landscape mode and split-screen function, aka Multi-Window. The device is said to sport a Galaxy Note 3-like faux leather back, and will launch exclusively on SK Telecom.

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