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Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has the best display ever

Display-analyzing firm DisplayMate has been taking a very close look at the screen on the soon-to-launch Galaxy S5 smartphone, and its findings are sure to have Samsung executives cracking a smile as wide as the device is long. For most regular folk, display analysis extends to little more than popping down to the local phone store, looking at the screen for a couple of seconds and then offering a carefully considered evaluation like “sharp, ain’t it.” 

Samsung has received high praise indeed for its new Galaxy S5 display, proving once again that its hardware innovation is on song. Thought there was no real technological innovation in there? Seems like Samsung has been hiding it away. Display experts DisplayMate rate it the best smartphone screen ever. The Galaxy S5, like the S4, is an OLED display, the technology where Samsung leads the market. The image quality of OLED is, theoretically, under pressure from new LCD screens enhanced with quantum dot technology. Quantum dot is a technology that Apple AAPL +0.91% recently sought new patents around but its core patents belong mostly to start-ups Nanosys and QD Vision, the former, part-owned by Samsung, a small screen specialist and the latter currently focused on TVs.

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