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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S has been shown off in an official video

It’s easy to see why Samsung made a big hoopla about their new Tab S launch, now that we’ve seen them. This is no run of the mill Tab refresh that Samsung ritually performs year after year. The Tab S is Samsung’s way of telling the Android competition why they are the one to beat. With a tighter control of the hardware and software than ever before, the Tab S is at long last, a Samsung tablet that can actually go toe to toe with Apple’s offering. Samsung had the iPad Air and mini with Retina clearly in its crosshairs when designing the Tab S series. The display is the talking point of the new tabs and when compared to Apple’s Retina displays side by side, the colours are noticeably richer and punchier.

So, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S has just been announced recently, and alongside that, an opportunity for peripheral manufacturers in the vein of Logitech to reveal the Logitech Type-S keyboard case for the new tablet. While the Samsung Galaxy Tab S is touted to be Samsung’s best tablet to date, being the thinnest and obviously, the lightest by logical thinking, it is not quite available for purchase just yet, although pre-orders for this particular device has already surfaced. In an effort to help you be better acquainted with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, the South Korean consumer electronics giant has decided to roll out the official video for the tablet which you can view above. Just to recap, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S is set to arrive in a couple of sizes – an 8.4-inch model alongside a 10.5-inch model. Both of these models will arrive with a WQXGA Super AMOLED display alongside a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels. As for the other hardware specifications, regardless of the size you have decided to pick it up in, they are more or less identical, boasting of a similar resolution count as well as processing muscle.

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