Samsung’s VR headset overheats in under 30 minutes


Is Samsung’s Gear VR too hot for your head to handle? G for Games points us to a new report from Korean publication Asia Today that claims Samsung’s virtual reality headset may start overheating after only 25 minutes of use. The good news is that the offending headset in question was apparently only a demo unit and not the final version, although we imagine that Samsung’s engineers have a lot more work to do if the Gear VR really can’t take more than 25 minutes of use at the moment.

Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is impressive in its own rights, there’s no denying that the Samsung Gear VR headset makes the phablet even more interesting, at least for fans of the VR concept. We’ve kept an eye on the gadget ever since it was announced at IFA in Berlin, and earlier yesterday we had the chance to report on the Gear VR’s alleged release date and price in South Korea. Needless to say, things were starting to look good for fans of the Gear VR, but now we have come across new information that might worry some of the prospective customers out there. Apparently the Samsung Gear VR might have some serious overheating issues, and there’s probably nothing Sammy can do about it. You’ll find the rest of the story right after the break.

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