Say goodbye to tangled headphones with Spoolee

There are few things on this earth as frustrating as tangled headphones. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, your headphones WILL get tangled. This is something that a new invention called Spoolee wants to fix and last month it received the funding through Kickstarter it needed to make this a reality. 

There are all kinds of tricks and accessories to tackle the perennial problem of tangled headphones, but a new invention called Spoolee might be the answer we’ve all been waiting for. The tiny neoprene ring fits around your finger and allows for quick cord rolling and unrolling, and the clever invention smashed through its Kickstarter funding goal last month. With the Spoolee round your finger, your headphones can be wrapped in a secure loop quickly and easily. A velcro tab keeps the cord, earplugs and jack in place, and when you need to listen to some tunes you can pull the headphones right off the padded ring — no more valuable minutes wasted undoing knots and getting your headphones straight.

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