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Say what, an Instagram cam?

Instagram Camera

Tis’ true my friends, hipsters and photographers of the world, soon we will be able to use a tiny camera that mimics the photo-sharing social sites logo and of course in retro style it will be a Polaroid instant camera.

Although the only resemblance to the Polaroid will be the insta-picture since this is 2012 and we like things a little more digitized. There will be a screen to view the picture prior to taking the shot yet the Polaroid picture will look like it is seen on Instagram with your instagram name and avatar and enabling you the ability to add a personal touch at the bottom (put your permanent black markers away) and let’s not forget the QR code which will be located at the top right corner of the picture…very 2013 indeed.

The creators of this genius social camera, Socialmatic is looking to have this available mid-2013, though currently you are not able to pre-order (beware of scams) you can at least look forward to this as next year’s Christmas gift perhaps? The camera features include a large lens, an ink slot, zoom, a paper cartridge area and printer (or what I have been calling a Polaroid, since that is what anyone pre 1990 would call it).

It is slender and clever. Anyone with an Instagram account will want this funky camera to snap your shots, add a filter, a few words at the bottom and stick it everywhere you can, since it will have a shield peel to remove so it becomes like a sticker.

The site Instagram has grown in popularity most recently due to the acquisition by Facebook and the social abilities to express thy self visually. Sharing photos of where we are and what we see through the eyes of a lens will never disappear, only going to become more social and that my friends, is exactly how we want our technologies to be, including our cameras.

What do you think?

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