Scary Thought of the Day: Justin Bieber Accounts For 3% of Twitter



I wish it wasn’t true. Hell, you wish it wasn’t true, too. But alas – according to website designer Dustin Curtis, who’s been rapping with the folks at Twitter ’bout some metrics, the Canadian eunich sensation Justin Bieber accounts for 3% of Twitter’s entire infrastructure.

“Racks of servers are dedicated to him,” an employee informed Curtis.

As a non-Bieberite (I’m sure the prepubescent hordes who follow him have their own cute little word), this is sort of depressing. So, somewhere in the US, there is a room full of machines dedicated around-the-clock to pushing word of the goings-on of an 11-year-old (or whatever, 13, 14, who cares) boy… and meanwhile, I’ve got 146 followers?

Y’ever hate the system?

To be fair, Curtis was also informed that most popular users have their own servers. There’s also one for Oprah. That’s not so bad.

Okay, then, so what is this brilliant wordsmith tweeting that could possibly be worth 3% of all of Twitter? What insightful prose is spilling from fingertips?

Picture 13


Move over, @Dalailama.

What do you think?

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