Seagate’s new 6TB hard drive is its fastest ever

Data storage firm Seagate on Monday launched what it claims to be the “world’s fastest” 6TB hard disc drive. The Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4 boasts an operating speed of 7200 rpm, making it around 25 percent faster than any competing 6TB drive on the market, Seagate said in a news release. The new large capacity hard disc drive was specifically designed to meet exploding corporate data storage needs, according to Seagate’s vice president of marketing, Scott Horn.

Seagate has released its first 6TB, enterprise-class hard disk drive, which is 28 percent faster than its earlier 4TB drive and doesn’t use helium. Western Digital became the first company to release a 6TB drive; that drive was also its first helium-filled model — something the company sees as crucial for the future of high-capacity drives. Western Digital released its hermetically sealed Ultrastar He6 drive in November, touting not only its capacity, but its power savings and reliability. Seagate said it doesn’t yet need to use the lighter gas, which reduces friction and heat.

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