Servergy becomes first company other than IBM to use Power servers

Cleantech IT innovations company Servergy has announced that the company has joined IBM, Google, Mellanox, NVIDIA, Samsung Electronics, Tyan and Suzhou PowerCore Technology Company in the OpenPOWER Foundation – an open development alliance that makes IBM’s POWER microprocessor architecture available under license. 

IBM for decades was the only company making servers based on its proprietary Power architecture, but that’s not the case anymore. Servergy will be the first server maker outside IBM to use Power chips in its Cleantech Server CTS-1000, a blade server the size of a legal pad. The server is the first product being announced after IBM said last August that it would license its Power architecture to third parties. The server maker also said it would join the IBM-led OpenPower Consortium, which focuses on software and hardware development around the Power architecture. Tyan, a member of the consortium, said last August that it would build a Power server, but it hasn’t announced a product yet. 

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