Shawarma Slicing Robot Built for Safety First, World Domination Second


If you’ve ever wandered the streets of Berlin or Munich, then you know that shwarmas (or doners as they call them) are a kind of big deal there. So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that German company Alkadur has invented a robot for cutting those delicious chunks of flesh that make for some of the world’s tastiest street food.

The robot uses a combination of a pressure sensor, a robotic arm and a razor sharp blade to safely slice and collect tasty meat shavings for your enjoyment. Beyond safety, the robot can obviously work all day for very little cost – 10 Euros a day – and doesn’t have to stop take bathroom breaks or talk to its girlfriend on the phone.

Of course, though it isn’t at all fair, hearing someone with a German accent talk about the beneifts of a robot that VERKS WIVOUT HOOMAN INTERVENTION  makes it easy to conjure up Terminator-esque images of robot domination. Pretty sure that’s just my imagination though. I think.

[Source: Singularity Hub]
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