Should Facebook buy Foursquare?


Facebook Foursquare

With the recent purchase of Instagram, Facebook now has the capability to control a vast majority of the social media world. They control the most written content on the web and now they can control a huge part of the online photo world. So if foursquare was next on the Facebook shopping list at what heights could Facebook reach?

Foursquare is the ultimate way for people to get deals, to find places to shop/eat, and it’s a great way for businesses to increase their online exposure. When people check-in to a certain place, their status is then sent to their Facebook Timeline or Twitter page. Their friends and followers see this, and then they feel compelled to go do the same.

Facebook currently has a check in feature. But it’s not as good as foursquare. I feel as though foursquare is more user friendly. It’s actually fun to use! Facebook gets kind of complicated and it’s slow. Not to mention that Fan Pages are terrible to use on the mobile app. I don’t know why Facebook just doesn’t step up their game on that. It’s the most used social media platform in the world and their app is horrible.

But anyway, some people are deterred by the fact that they are sharing their location with the world. Whether you are shopping for fruit or trying on dresses, people can see where you are all the time. What people fail to forget is that they only share their location with whom they approve. If your profile is viewable to the whole big blue globe, I wouldn’t suggest sharing your location either. But it’s a fun and sociable thing to do. In today’s ever changing social climate, it will only become necessary I’m sure.

Facebook should buy foursquare. I think if Facebook bought foursquare, it would be a huge acquisition only to crush all of the other social media opponents. They would have the “trifecta” – content, photos, and location based posts. It would put all new social media outlets to shame and could even conquer the internet. As we all await that day, make sure take part in your foursquare activities.

  1. Amazes me how interactive Social Media is now days. Just imagine in ten more years. Good buy for Facebook.

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