Should reading while driving be banned like tech devices?


Should reading while driving be banned like tech devices

Tech devices are banned in many areas due to their ability to distract us while driving, however what about all the other things we do while driving, like make-up, eating or… reading?

The Mayor of Toronto Ontario, Canada, Rob Ford was caught reading while he was behind the wheel, a twitpic was sent out on Twitter and shortly afterwards it went viral around the web. Catching a politician reading while driving would naturally cause a chain reaction of surprise since it could easily cause an accident.

However, Mayor Ford will not be investigated and the Tweeter who originally posted the picture has deleted the picture and his entire Twitter account with rumored fear that he may be the one charged if proven he took the picture while driving. The Mayor admitted that it indeed was him in the picture and brushed it off by responding that he is a busy man and needs to keep up on work even when he is driving.

This caused us to question why traditional reading is not banned while driving, as we are aware that this would have been a different article if he was reading from his smartphone or any electronic devices. We want to know your thoughts, should reading behind the wheel be against the law?

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