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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you had a remote for the Internet? The Internet has so many billions of websites, it’s hard to just flip through them all and see what you like. Well, luckily there’s a site to help you do so. It’s called Skipity. Using Skipity, you can browse through the Internet with ease. You don’t have to feel lost, or make decisions on where to go, just let Skipity do the work, sit back, and enjoy surfing.


Here’s how it works.

Search for something cool

Searching the Internet is fun. If you know exactly what you want to search for, search engines work perfectly. Google serves as the best resource in the world for specific searching, and anything you want, you can find simply by entering it into their search bar. But if you just want to see something cool, you can’t really just type “something cool” into Google. Well, you can, but probably won’t benefit you that much.

Skipity solves this by taking you on a journey through the Internet, guaranteeing your entertainment, even when you don’t know exactly what you want. That’s where the Skipity Button comes in.

The Skipity button

Skipity is a browser add-on. You’ll simply get a little button put on your browser, which looks like a little white rabbit. Just click it and let it take you somewhere interesting on the web. Developers decided to name it “Skipity” because of two words. The first, skip, because it helps you skip over all the boring sites and jump from one interesting place to the next. The second, serendipity, because it implies a talent for having fortune in one’s discovery process.

Steer the way

Skipity takes you on a journey, and a somewhat random one; unless you decide otherwise. Even if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, Skipity allows you the opportunity to give some direction the the process. When you start using Skipity, it’s set to default. This way the software has free reign to take you anywhere on the Internet it deems interesting. If this seems too random to you, you have the option of choosing categories to search within. Once you select a category, every time you press the Skipity button, it should take you to a website that fits under the subject you chose.

Browsing the Internet like this lets you truly see all kinds of interesting stuff on every corner of the web. It’s pretty hard to really see the potential the Internet has to offer (beyond just trying to market to you and sell to you) without having some way to “skip” through all the boring stuff and BS.

Now, if there’s a subject you want to further explore online, but you don’t want to read stagnant lists, or search through others’ opinions of what’s great, you can easily achieve such a goal. Surfing the Internet this way really opens your eyes to everything out there and expands your ideas of creativity. It’s good to see what other people come up with.

Extra features

Skipity doesn’t just take you to all the coolest places on the Internet. First off, you can log in using Facebook to help guide it with your interests. You can also choose website categories you DON’T want to explore. So, for example, if you want to explore videos, but don’t want to explore business, you’ll get taken to videos but not videos about business.

Speaking of videos, the software allows you to download interesting and noteworthy videos from YouTube and other sites. You can also use the software to take screenshots.


Skipity works with all popular browsers. Whether you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, Skipity comes compatible with your web browser. It also works on both the Windows and OSx version of each browser. No matter what you use, Skipity can provide you its fun and simple service.

The Skipity button and its features fits seamlessly within your web browser. You can edit the controls from there as well. It also makes the service easy to remove or hide in case you don’t want it taking up extra space on your browser.

So stop reading boring articles online, and check out what the Internet has to offer with Skipity!

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