SkyJack drone is able to hack other drones and take control of them

Developed by famous hacker Samy Kamkar, the new SkyJack drone is capable of hacking other, nearby drones and take control of them. Using a Raspberry Pi circuit board attached alongside two wireless transmitters and a small battery, the drone is able to detect wireless signals of nearby drones, hack into those wireless connectionsm and commandeer the drone’s flight and camera systems. 

Commercial use of drones isn’t widespread, but with the recent announcement of Amazon Prime Air, it looks like it may only be a matter of a few years before we see drones moving packages and products to and fro. Many people have expressed concerns, for example, what’s to stop someone from shooting down an Amazon drone and stealing the package? That may not be the only threat that these drones, or other similar drones, might face. SkyJack is a drone that’s capable of hacking drones flying near it and handing over control to the attacker.

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