Skype to release iPad app soon


Skype iPad app image

Skype has become a popular app for the iPhone, bringing video calling to millions of mobile users. Now the service appears to be heading to Apple’s iPad very soon. After accidentally leaking a video of the new product, Skype confirmed that it’s preparing an iPad app, but has yet to provide a release date.

The leaked video shows a very polished product which looks just about ready for release. The app will benefit from the iPad 2’s large screen size and camera, but it will feature much of the same functionality of mobile and desktop clients. One item that’s missing is file sharing, and that’s due to the lack of an adequate file system on the iPad.

With the addition of a camera on the second-generation iPad, it was only a matter of time before Skype came to the device. Since FaceTime only works with Apple hardware, Skype will likely provide a solid option for video and voice communications. Look for it soon in the App Store, and until then check out the teaser below.

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