Smart shoe to improve jogging technique on the run

Jogging is one of the most popular forms of fitness activity around the world, with around 10 million people in Germany alone donning their running shoes and hitting the pavement on a regular basis. However, this popularity also translates into a large number of jogging-related injuries. In an effort to reduce the number of injuries, a research team from IPMS is developing a high-tech running shoe with the ability to evaluate a jogger’s running form and technique in real-time.

Do you love technology and how it is able to augment the way we do things, making our lives a whole lot more efficient? If you have answered that in the affirmative and have an absolutely love for running, then you would most probably be interested to check out this pair of enhanced running shoes. Thanks to researchers over at the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, who happen to be working alongside scientists in five European countries, they have come up with the Runsafer smart running shoe. The Runsafer will rely on a slew of integrated G force, direction, and GPS sensors which are capable of determining just how hard, fast, and how long you have been pounding the pavement, in addition to knowing whether you have been hitting hard or soft surfaces, not to mention knowing just when you are taking a break.

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