Snapchat users can now send text messages and video chats

Cheaters, sexters and ugly selfie fans can rejoice. Snapchat, the app that self-destructs photos and messages, unveiled text messaging and video chat features today that will allow users to carry on seamless conversations with friends who are using the app at the same time. Many users had previously sent multiple videos and photos back and forth to carry on a conversation. The new features work by eliminating the piece mill process and giving users the full attention of their friends who are also on the app.

Snapchat has added two new features that are sure to boost the app’s usefulness: the ability to have a true text-based conversation and face-to-face video chat. Both features are true to the nature of the app as once you leave a conversation, all records of it vanish. To enter text mode, simply swipe to the right from the main camera screen. From here, you’ll see a list of friends available for chat. Select a friend and you’ll enter into a chat interface that isn’t unlike other texting-based apps you’re already familiar with. When a friend is actively engaged in a text chat, you’ll notice a pulsing blue icon at the bottom of the screen. Simply press and hold this button to initiate a one-way video chat (they can see you but you can’t see them). If your friend is so inclined, they can also hold down the blue button on their end to let you into their world. Release your grip on the button and the video feed gets shut down.

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