Sneak peek at Halo Fest

Halo Fest

Halo Fest

For fans of one of the most popular games of the last decade, Halo Fest marks more than just the 10-year anniversary. It’s a time to remember where the game has been and where it’s going.

“It’s our place to take over the baton that’s being passed to us for Halo, and it’s also a chance to introduce the team who have been working away in anonymity and secrecy for a couple of years now, give them a face and show people who’s stewarding the Halo franchise for the next 10 years,” said Frank O’Connor of 343 Industries.

The official “baton” was handed off earlier this month, marking the start of the next decade of Halo under Microsoft’s personal studio. First, we have the sneak peek itself followed by the official trailer released earlier. We’ll find out today what Halo has in store. What’s Bungie going to do next?

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