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The world is becoming smaller and smaller with the advent of social media. People eager to connect with long lost friends or make new friends with strangers and socialize is catching on like wildfire and bringing fun into the lives of millions of people who have jumped on the social network bandwagon.

Aside of those who just want to meet people and be met on social network sites, there are those who utilize them for business marketing, search for jobs or build a personal reputation. Either way, there are great advantages and disadvantages of being a member of a social networking site, just like everything else on the planet earth.

Then along comes social grubbing where one can actually meet and dine at restaurants with strangers who share a common goal of simple networking, or making new friends, but who would have thought this would be possible? Grubwithus, a social dining networking site launched in 2010 has made this possible and is making sure that social grubbing is made easier and accessible to all who want to partake in it.

Social grubbing seems to be the perfect solution for loneliness; gone are the days when travelers into a new town have to sit at lone tables in restaurants and enjoy a bland meal. Now people have a choice of selecting a group of other people who are perfect strangers to enjoy a meal with, connect and even form a friendship. There are plenty of restaurants nationwide who participates with Grubwithus to provide this service.

Grubwithus has made social grubbing really easy because all a participant or grubber has to do is choose a city they want to dine in on Grubwithus site and select a participating restaurant. They view meals being offered and the sort of mingling or networking the grubber has in mind, be it just for social networking for a job or meeting a single person they can form a friendship with that can later turn into a relationship. The grubber then registers for meal, pays for it in advance, and shows up at the restaurant at the arranged time.

Once grubbers arrive at the restaurant, they are all seated together at a common table and left to their own mingling devices such as exchanging pleasantries, starting up conversations, and basically enjoying themselves over a great meal. It’s that simple and easy!

Social grubbing is catching on and creating a casual way for people to meet up for whatever socializing agenda they have in mind, be it to simply enjoy a family type of meal, to connect with people for dating purposes or to network professionally.

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