Software That Creates New Architecture From Existing Architecture


Some see abstract art as a mess while others see it as a beautiful piece of work, but regardless of the side you favor, this project by a motivated group in the UK is sure to impress any tech-savvy person.

Extracts of Local Distance is the work of Benjamin Maus, Frederic Gmeiner and Thorsten Posselt, all of which whom have created something special: a computer software that analyzes vanishing points of photographical architecture, organizes all these points and segments of images, and creates new images based from the contents of hundreds or thousands of other images.

The result is an image that is made up of entirely different pieces, but not so different that it is entirely unreal — as a matter of fact, it is looks very cool.

The user can specify specific details that would be preferred to be included (e.g. style), and after specifying a vanishing point, the computer program will go to work, connecting the pieces like an overly complex Lego set.

It’s quite fascinating.

[via Archidose]
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