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Solar powered laptop concept could have us cutting the cord

Solar Laptop

Solar Laptop

The needs to go green, be mobile, and be productive collide in Andrea Ponti’s concept design for solar powered laptop, one that does not require a peripheral attachment to harness the power of the sun. Designed with a solar panel behind the monitor and one beneath the touch keyboard, it would be the first completely-solar laptop ever… if it gets produced.

That part of the equation is unclear at this point. While it did not win a prize at Fujitsu’s 2011 design competition, it is reportedly shortlisted amongst their potential projects. Dubbed the “Luce” (Italian for “light”), it weighs 1850g (4 lbs) and is made of a clear polycarbonate.

Fujitsu luce 4

Fujitsu Luce

Fujitsu Luce 2

Fujitsu Luce 3

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